A safe way to carry your pets within a car. This barrier is great for trips with medium to large sized dogs. Easy to install and adjustable from 34″ to 60″ in width and 23″ to 45″ in height, the PortablePET Pet Partition is nearly universal in application making it   Read More ...


This Walk-Thru gate is ideal for households with bigger and smaller pets. The gate’s lower door allows small pets to pass freely, while keeping larger pets contained. It is designed with a pressure-mount system for an easy installation. This portable gate includes two extensions, giving you the option of covering   Read More ...


Give your pets some space! This pen allows you to create an area which your pet can explore. Make a safe refuge for your lovely pet with this well-crafted pen. You can adjust it in many flexible ways and it is easy to install. Durable Black E-Coat Finish – Provides   Read More ...


This trash can has a  slide lock that helps keep the lid from being accidentally opened by kids or pets.A great value for any kitchen, the simplehuman semi-round plastic step can has features unprecedented for a plastic can: simplehuman’s proprietary lid shox(R) for a smooth, and silent close. Silent close   Read More ...


This Lid Lok helps keeping dogs and cats away from toilets and can protect from accidents. It is quick and easy to open. The one hand release operation is easy for an adult hand, but difficult for a child or your pets. This easily attaches to all types of bowls and   Read More ...


Your pet keeps trying to open trash cans, cabinets, dishwashers or closets? These adjustable straps help you to keep these places safe four your curious pet. They are very easy to install and can be adjusted to the needed size.

Feeder Our-Pets-Store-N-Feed-Jr.-Universal

This feeder prevents your dog or cat from pushing or dragging the feeding bowls through the kitchen. It’s size is also perfectly for smaller dogs and cats.  You can store up 8 pound of food and it is well manufactured. Stores up to 8 -pound of dog or cat food   Read More ...

Flexi Explore Retractable Cord Dog Leash

Retractable Cord Dog Leash, extends up to 23 Feet. For Dogs up to 26 Pounds. It is available in 3 Colors. The flexi Explore is the longest leash model available and is designed for walking your dog in open areas where they can enjoy lots of extra “freedom” on the   Read More ...


These output plugs reduce your pet’s risk of getting electrical shocks from power outlets, which can harm cats, dogs and smaller animals when they try touch power outlets. The plugs are easy to install: Just clip them into your outlets. If the outlet is needed, you can remove them safely   Read More ...